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Made for for Quality Foods Australia, this is the story of Australian Wagyu.


Founded and run by Stephen de Villiers, an award-winning filmmaker with a passion for service and forging life-long client relationships, Beyond Content is an end-to-end video production agency. In 2017 Sam Matthews, a post-production specialist and long-term creative collaborator joined forces with Stephen to help take the company to a new level and creative direction. Our core team comprises more than 20 years experience and boasts a range of skills and expertise across a suite of filmmaking specialities including drama, TV production, VFX, animation, and high-end colour grading. In addition, we work with some of South Australia's top creatives to produce long-form, commercial and animated film and video content in Australia and beyond.


Recent Work

With thanks to kojo and visionation who were producing partners on a few of these projects

Corporate Video

Your brand will love you

There’s corporate video and there’s corporate video. No matter the brief, we always inject a serious dose of beauty and love into whatever we do. We also believe that the fundamental rule applies – unless you’re utilising the power of narrative (storytelling), the game’s over. Pretty pictures alone don’t cut it. But a branded film, carefully crafted to work at a deep narrative level, produced with some of Adelaide’s best, award-winning crew just might.

World Class Post-Production

We specialise in post-production, through offline and online editing, motion graphics and our high-end colour grading specialisation. Whether you’re finishing a short film or music video, or need a suite of commercials cut, graded and prepped for broadcast, or you want to work with us to assemble and offline your feature film or TV Series, we’ve done it all and have the software, hardware, skills and expertise. Our in-house editor and colourist Sam has been specialising in this kinda stuff for almost a decade now and has the story instincts, technical wizardry and patience needed to see any project come to life in the edit.

Click here to learn more about our specialist post-production services.

Content Strategy

Get the most out of video

These days shooting a video at random, haphazard occasions doesn’t always produce the best long term result or ROI. More and more we’re working with brands to develop a content strategy outlining where and when to best invest in production and how to measure results and pivot according to market response. It can help to think about touchpoints, platforms, user generated content, repurposing existing content, etc. We can help navigate some of the jargon.


Animation Production

Explanimate Yourself

Animation can be an awesome way to concisely and elegantly convey an idea or message. Whether you’re interested in a stand-alone animation or to enhance a live action video with animated elements, we’ve got the tools, time, skills and eagle-eye to bring it to life.

Social Media Video

Short is Sweet

Snappy 30 and 15 second videos designed for the phone and for the short attention span. You know you want one. It’s where your audience lives. Don’t worry, we’ve made more than a few. We’ve got you covered.

TV Commercials

Be seen on TV

Even though the trend is definitely moving toward online video, and has been for some time now, we do love shooting a good commercial. Generally there’s more scope for a considered narrative approach, which, if we’re honest, is where our strength lies. Come on your own, or bring your agency. Let’s make something beautiful!


Founder + Chief Creative

Stephen de Villiers

Award winning filmmaker, screenwriter, tech evangelist and chief creative at Beyond Content, Stephen is passionate about forging lasting relationships with his clients and delivering beyond expectation. He loves creating beautiful images, telling stories and nailing a brief. If he’s honest, he’ll also tell you that he loves wine.
Co-Founder + Head of Post + Colour Alchemist

Sam Matthews

Sam has a well-established career in the screen industry, having spent 10 years specialising in post production. She’s made recent strides in directing with her film We Are Visible, reaching 250,000 Facebook views in its first 4 days of being published. At the end of 2017, she directed Unboxed, a series about gender diverse artists for the ABC’s Art Bites initiative.

In 2007, Sam completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Screen Studies at The Flinders University of South Australia. From 2009–2015 she worked for KOJO Adelaide, editing, grading and animating TVC and corporate projects. Sam’s long format post credits include Goober (2016), Boys in the Trees (2016), Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures (2014) and Microbes to Macrobes: The Story of Frank Fenner (2012).

Premiere of Post + Animation Agent

Wilson Tran

Wilson joined Beyond Content at the end of 2017 after he did an incredible job editing Grandpa, one of the short films Beyond Content produced for the Adelaide International Youth Film Festival’s Short Film Worx Initiative.

He’s full of mad tech skills and the narrative instincts you can’t teach and has quickly made himself beyond invaluable.

Our Clients

Pricing Guide

Budgeting a video is (or at least was) a bit like asking ‘how long is a piece of string’? And while it’s true that there are a range of variables that can influence how much a video costs to produce, we feel that the world has moved on and customers expect and deserve a degree of upfront transparency. So while this is only a guide the prices and examples below should serve to give a sense of what can be achieved on what kind of budget.

  • Web Video

    From $1500
    Up to 90 seconds long with a 30 or 15 second cut down version included. Based on a half day shoot in Metro Adelaide.
    • Half Day Shoot
    • HD or 4K Video production
    • Up to two interviews
    • Designed for Social Media
    • Video and Sound Edit
    • Includes Music Allowance
    • Up to two filming locations
    • Optimised for Mobile
  • Animation

    From $2500
    60 - 90 seconds created in a 2D or 2.5D environment.
    • 60-90 seconds
    • Scripting
    • Creative Consulting
    • Professional Voice Over
    • Includes Music Allowance
  • Commercial

    From Custom
    15/30 second TV Commercial or bespoke Corporate Video production. Can include:
    • Drone aerial photography
    • Scripting
    • Creative Consulting
    • Regional and National Travel
    • Featured Talent/Actors
    • 3D, VR, 360 deg options
    • Professional Voice Over

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