Founded and run by Stephen de Villiers, an award winning filmmaker with a passion for service and forging life-long client relationships, Beyond Content is an end-to-end video production agency. We work with Adelaide’s top creatives to produce corporate, commercial and animated video.

From a brand’s perspective, video can be a tricky beast. Audience demand for video is self-evident, but a few questions remain. What kind of video should we make? How much should we spend? What should we say? Where are we our customers? How do we measure our return?

We have over 10 years’ experience in the industry having filmed all over the world on every kind of budget imaginable. We’re at that stage where producing great content is a given and is no longer enough. We are passionate about sharing authentic ideas, about adding meaning to information and about moving an audience at a deeper level. That said, we’re equally passionate about keeping things fun and enjoying the whole darn ride.

Our clients tell us that our strength is capturing and conveying a sense of warmth and humanity in all our content, elevating our productions to something a little bit special, while always ensuring that everyone in front of the camera feels relaxed and comfortable. So If you need to convey an idea, move an audience and enjoy the experience, we’d love to talk to you today.