Founded and run by Stephen de Villiers, an award-winning filmmaker with a passion for service and forging life-long client relationships, Beyond Content is an end-to-end video production agency. In 2017 Sam Matthews, a post-production specialist and long-term creative collaborator joined forces with Stephen to help take the company to a new level and creative direction. Our core team comprises more than 20 years experience and boasts a range of skills and expertise across a suite of filmmaking specialities including drama, TV production, VFX, animation, and high-end colour grading. In addition, we work with some of South Australia's top creatives to produce long-form, commercial and animated film and video content in Australia and beyond.

The last 18 months have seen us grow and scale, and we're deeply grateful for the relationships we've forged with our clients who entrust us with their brand, their messaging and their creative. We’ve also continued to make strides into long-form narrative work, with Sam writing and directing a documentary series for ABC at the end of 2017, and Steve producing three new films late in 2017.

We’ve filmed all over the world on every kind of budget imaginable and have collectively produced and worked on over 500 films of all shapes and sizes. But through it all we continue to dig deep, push ourselves further and adopt a posture of curiosity and empathy that allows us to unlock potential and power of every story we bring to screen.

Our clients tell us that our strength is capturing and conveying a sense of warmth and humanity in all our content, elevating our productions to something a little bit special. We’re in the business of shaping ideas and merging emotion and intent to craft stories that move audiences. But we’re also in the business of keeping things fun, and enjoying the whole ride. Mostly we love meeting new people and sharing stories, so we’d love you to get in touch.