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Masterchef – Heather Day

Made as part of the ‘Be Yourself’ campaign for TAFE SA, this video tells the story of Heather Day, who after graduating from TAFE SA went on Masterchef and then to consolidate her hospitality experience, went back to TAFE SA, to assist her in launching a range of butter products. Filmed in half a day, […]
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TAFE SA International – Yanfei’s Story

A long term client of ours, TAFE SA engaged us to produce a suite of short and snappy testimonial videos designed for the international market. One challenging aspect of this production was the need to deliver the videos in both English and Chinese. Through the use of a translator we were able to maintain a […]
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Boem Headshots

I was asked to create a short promo for Adelaide’s top Headshot studio. It’s always nerve wracking creating content for another image maker, but I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out. Thanks to Andre for being a legend on and off screen!
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Branding by Air Showcase

Branding by Air is one of those companies that make us all regret our office jobs. To better illustrate exactly what they do, they got us in to create a video showcasing one of their recent brand activations. We took a whole lot of their footage and cut this together for them.
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60 Dogs Launch Promo

Working with a startup is always fun. We get to be involved from day one, often working along side the founders at a strategy level. 60 Dogs is a startup entering the dog breeding world. We worked with them to help tell their brand story and give them some vital launch campaign material in the […]
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