studio lighting set up Stephen De Villiers at work, two men looking at video screen

About us

Founded by Stephen de Villiers, an award-winning filmmaker with a passion for service and forging life-long client relationships, Beyond Content is an end-to-end production company and content agency. In 2017 Sam Matthews, a post-production specialist and long-term creative collaborator joined forces with Stephen and together they have continued their trajectory into the broadcast and long-form content arena, all while forging a reputation for creative excellence and world-class service.

Our core team comprises more than 20 years’ experience and boasts a range of skills and expertise across a suite of filmmaking specialities including drama, documentary, TV production, VFX, animation, and high-end colour grading. In addition, we work with some of South Australia’s top creatives to produce long-form, commercial and online film and video content in Australia and beyond.

The last 18 months have seen our company expand, and we’re deeply grateful for the relationships we’ve fostered with our clients who entrust us with their brands, their messaging and their creative. We’ve also continued to make strides in long-form work, with Sam writing and directing a documentary series for ABC at the end of 2017, and Stephen producing three new films in 2017 and directing a documentary for SBS/NITV in 2018.

We now have one feature documentary, funded and in production and a feature film with funding from the private sector in active development.

We’ve filmed all over the world on every kind of budget, and have collectively produced or contributed to over 500 films of all shapes and sizes. Today we continue to dig deep, think big and push ourselves to be our best. With every project, we adopt a posture of curiosity and empathy, which unlocks the power and full potential of the stories we bring to screens of all shapes and sizes.

We’re in the business of shaping ideas and focussing emotion so that we can craft screen stories that move audiences. But we’re also in the business of keeping things fun, and enjoying the ride. Mostly we love meeting new people and sharing stories, so we’d love you to get in touch.

Our Team

Sam Matthews headshot
Sam Matthews
Company Director / Head of Post Production
Stephen De Villiers Headshot
Stephen De Villiers
Creative & Managing Director
Chloe Gardner Adelaide Headshots
Chloe Gardner
Company Director/Senior Producer
Wilson Tran
Editor / Animator
Nicky Thanou Headshot
Nicky Thanou
Content Producer

Our Clients

Esther Serk
Nation Advertising

Stephen is a talented story teller and director who has helped us on various video projects here at Nation. His passion and professionalism carry through into all the work he delivers, which is always on time and on to budget.

Jemima Kemp
Marketing Consultant

Stephen De Villiers’ work is distinctive, engaging and conveys exactly the messaging and feel that we want to communicate for our brand. Stephen is a consummate professional who instinctively grasps the brief and makes it happen. Each time we have worked with Stephen, he has delivered stunning product, on time and on budget.

Adam Diggens
Creative Brand Manager

Amazing! You do go above and beyond! The team absolutely love the video. It’s been such a blast. I can’t believe it’s all come to an end already. This has been one of the best vendor experiences of my career. There were many challenges you took in your stride and you knocked every single curveball out of the park. You breathed life and magic into our early concepts, taking these projects forward in ways that exceeded expectations. You and your team are true masters of your craft. I can’t wait to work with you all again!

Lincoln College
Marketing Manager

On behalf of Lincoln College, please allow me to extend my personal and genuine appreciation to each and every one you for your valuable contributions to this organization. Working with you this past year has been a pleasure and I’m proud to have you all with us.

Lyndal Denny

Hi Chloe .. you and your amazing team are miracle workers – transforming three nervous truckies into movie stars!!!!  Unbelievable!!!