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Post Production Specialist

Stuart Strydom

Stuart joined the Beyond team as a post-production specialist in April of 2021 and brings fun, spirited energy with years of experience to boot.

Having graduated with a national diploma in film and television production, Stuart started his career as an intern in 2008 at a South African based, world-renowned wildlife documentary production company (Earth Touch). Stuart quickly found himself in the cutting room falling in love with the magic of post-production. From there, he moved into the advertising industry, working his way through multiple post-oriented roles including post production manager of ESA (Extreme Sports Angling) a top-rated South African adventure lifestyle TV show in 2010. The majority of Stuart’s career has been spent in various Advertising orientated post-production houses where he helped create content for numerous international brands.

In 2013 he made the shift to education and helped found the Durban chapter of Africa’s premier film school, AFDA where he fostered young filmmakers’ passion for storytelling with a focus on post-production.

In 2018 Stuart left the lecture halls to take a more present and permanent position at Anne Ralton Studio, a boutique creative agency, which he co-founded with his wife Bronwyn in 2014, where they served a number of national and international brands.
In 2019 Stuart completed a Masters in Fine Arts from the Durban University of Technology, graduating with distinction.

Over his 13 years in the film and television industry, Stuart has honed and polished his skills as a post-production specialist both on the tools and managing teams. He has worked on several short films that have been screened at various international festivals. His passion lies in motion design and 3D animation and he will pour his heart into cutting a good narrative.

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