Arterial Films

Introducing South Australia’s new creative film and television production company

Arterial Films is a collaboration between Stephen De Villiers, Chloe Gardner and Sam Matthews. We first worked together in 2013 on our award-winning short film Super Sounds. Our collaboration proved to be a winning formula and laid the foundations of the relationship that led to us forming Beyond Content. Since then we have worked together on countless projects, developing human-centric stories for both our service work and our long-form projects.

At Beyond Content, we love helping brands and organisations to tell their stories and showcase the value they provide. As we continue to grow, we will always be here to produce screen content that leaves our clients feeling beyond content. Arterial Films is a sister brand to Beyond, a place to develop our own creative ideas and foster new collaborations as we develop and commercialise our passion for screen storytelling across genre’s and platforms.

We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest endeavour, Arterial Films, a brand that represents our commitment to storytelling that is human-centric, bold and adventurous.

Arterial Films
Stephen De Villiers Headshot
Stephen De Villiers
Creative & Managing Director
Chloe Gardner Adelaide Headshots
Chloe Gardner
Company Director / Senior Producer

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A selection of our projects.

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