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We Won Best Environmental Award!


Best Environmental Award
Best Environmental Award

While the year is flying by, last week was a standout with a few wins and some good news! Our short documentary, 25zero: East Africa won best documentary at the British Documentary Film Festival.

They sent us one of the most unique awards we’ve ever seen! Just need to name him/her now! The film was also nominated for best overall short documentary.

While film festivals the world over have been in limbo and/or cancelling their live events, the British Documentary Film Festival opted to go online creating a private SVOD solution to enable films to manage their premiere status’ while serving the films to their global audience. Thanks to the festival team for acknowledging the hard work that went into the film and thanks to our team, particularly Wilson Tran for working so tirelessly in the edit, and our wonderful creative collaborator and friend, Miles Rowland for working his magic behind the camera.

Please visit the website for more information on the incredible 25zero project