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25zero: East Africa // Documentary

The first glaciers to die are where you’d least expect to find them – on the equator. Tim Jarvis is a polar explorer and environmental scientist who famously recreated Shackleton and Mawson’s Antarctic expeditions. 25zero: East Africa is a short documentary, that follows Tim Jarvis and his team as they travel around East Africa in search for the regions last glaciers, documenting the devastating loss of these breathtaking and integral rivers of ice on the highest peaks of the equator. It’s a sad fact that they will all be gone within 25 years, but by highlighting their loss and exploring the science behind climate change, Tim sheds new light on the environmental challenges we all face. Through the film, we follow Tim as he climbs these peaks, visiting locals and exploring some of the most remote regions on the planet. With the fate of the glaciers sealed, and world leaders, big business and each of us as individuals seemingly not doing enough, he asks us all: ‘what else are we prepared to lose?’


Colour Grade


Producer – Stephen de Villiers
Director/Cinematographer – Miles Rowland
Editor – Wilson Tran
Colourist – Sam Matthews
Sound Editor/Composer – Justin Pounsett