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CNPC // Together We Can Make a Difference // TVC

In 2019, we travelled to Myanmar to film four very ambitious TV Commercials through a local Burmese agency.

The scope was constantly shifting and we landed on the eve of a monsoon, but we met the most amazing people and were invited into the heart of Burmese culture.

The four ads were made to promote a Chinese/Burmese infrastructure project, and were backed by CNPC, one of the largest utilities companies in the world.

We explored the human side of what these projects mean across safety, community building and environmental protection. Stephen de Villiers went over with Adelaide cinematographer, Michael Tessari and we worked with local crews – often over 50 craftspeople on set at any given time.

We brought post-production home to Adelaide and serviced the ads through offline, online, VFX and post-sound.


Creative Directing
Offline Edit
Online Edit
Colour Grade
Sound Edit and Broadcast Mix


Director/Creative Director – Stephen de Villiers
Cinematographer – Michael Tessari
Editor/Colourist – Sam Matthews
VFX – Sam Matthews
Post-Sound – Fazz Farrell