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Codan // Squad Radio Launch film

We are thrilled to work with Codan Communications, the parent company of Minelab who we have worked with for the past few years now. 

This shoot was to highlight their new product the Squad Radio.

We were filming an hour outside of Adelaide, near the Murray River, which was still in full flood. The broken banks visible during our approach. We were remote enough. No toilets, no facilities, just a magical secret location. Stephen de Villiers was Directing, with Luke Pallett as our DOP.

After a long, hot day of running through bush following our actors and scrambling up hills with equipment we headed back to the office at Beyond Content to start the Edit.

We were thrilled with the stunning content we had managed to capture and with some exciting music, a snappy edit and indulgent grade we had created an ambitious and exciting product film that felt innovative and unique. 

We look forward to seeing where it goes…


Full Production service
Edit (Offline/Online)
Sound design mix
Motion graphics


Director – Stephen de Villiers
Producer – Chloe Gardner
Producer – Maisie Fabry
Cinematographer – Luke Pallett
Editor – Wilson Tran
VFX / Motion Graphics – Alice Yang