Scene from a film, man in khaki clothes running across planes with mountains in the background Feature Film COMMANDO

Commando // Feature Film (in development)

Designed as an Australian-South African Co-Production, Commando is an epic adventure-survival tale set during the Anglo-Boer War. It’s inspired by real events and is an adaption of the best selling journal also entitled Commando, left to us by Deneys Reitz. The son of the state president, Reitz was 17 when he began fighting in the war and he went on to live and record what has been called “the greatest narrative of war and adventure ever written”, featuring a stellar cast including Ghandi, Winston Churchill and the nefarious Lord Kitchener. It’s a gripping account of mobile guerrilla warfare and is a tale of dare-devilry, heroism, supreme physical endurance as well as the inevitable horrors that come with war. But ultimately it’s also a simple story about self-discovery and gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to call a place home.

Stephen de Villiers wrote and directed an award winning short film back in South Africa. For more information please visit




Writer/Director – Stephen de Villiers