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DB Visit // Brand video

This was a fun day of shooting in the style of ‘The Office’ at Beyond Content. We created a series of videos for DB Visit, a NZ company specialising in Database protection software.

Knowing how well comedy performs, we leant into a comedic, mockumentary style to create this series of short, branded content, vignettes that were designed to entertain as much as inform.

Art department were busy at work setting up different office spaces for the various videos including designing computers to look like they were coding and restocking a large amount of chocolate chip cookies that were being consumed on camera (and by everyone else too)!

Once the day of shoot was over, we leapt into a rigorous post-pipeline that saw us looking after the offline, online, VFX, animation and sound design on this engaging series.

Check them out below!


Series of web mockumentary style videos
Stills Photography
– Portrait
Colour grade

Our Team

Director – Stephen de Villiers
Producer – Chloe Gardner
Producer – Maisie Fabry
DOP – Sam Dawson
Stills Photographer – Jack Turner
Editor/Colour Grade – Wilson Tran
Post Production FX/Editor – Alice Yang