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Minelab // I Detect Brand Film

Earlier that morning, a total fire ban was declared for the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

We almost had Deja Vu, as a few years earlier, we had to postpone a similar project for Minelab. However, we carried on as planned with what has turned out to be one of our favourite projects with Minelab to date.

It was a half-day shoot beginning late – 16:30 – so we could film through sunset and into dusk/twilight. We’ve had a long and great relationship with Minelab, and always enjoy adventuring to remote and exciting locations with them for our shoots.

Before long we had a cool change come through and even had spots of rain, and indeed a magical rainbow. The intent with this brand-building piece was to capture a sense of the evocative and magical allure of being out in nature and how metal detecting can be a conduit to experiencing this tranquillity, as well as the thrill of the hunt, and thanks to another epic creative collaboration from all cast, crew and client, we’re super proud of the end result.


Full Production service
Edit (Offline/Online)
Sound design mix
Motion graphics


Director – Stephen de Villiers
Producer – Chloe Gardner
Producer – Maisie Fabry
Cinematographer – Miles Rowland (ACS)
Camera Assistant – Alice Yang
Editor – Wilson Tran
VFX / Motion Graphics – Alice Yang