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Minelab // Simply Powerful // Brand Film

What do you do when your competitor brings out a rival product?

Minelab wanted to respond to a competitor’s rival product and together we decided to respond with lighthearted humour. We worked with them last year to launch their new VANQUISH series of metal detectors. Now we’ve created a follow-up piece of content, to remind their community about the superior simplicity of that product.

Minelab’s audience is largely based in North America, so that’s where we needed to set the ‘Simply Powerful’ video. We scouted locations across South Australia that could pass for the North American landscape. We had to plan and shoot with the addition of visual effects in mind. A believable North America couldn’t be achieved without our talented VFX artist and head of post, Sam Matthews, turning Myponga into the Canadian mountain ranges.

We created the ‘Simply Powerful’ video specifically for web and social media and opted for a friendly rivalry between two old friends. We sourced a US-style pickup truck and cast two local Adelaide actors, Nick Launchbury and Cliff Koma, who helped bring the script by our Writer/Director, Stephen De Villiers, to life in just one day. The entire project from concept through to delivery was a tight two and half week schedule to ensure the content could be released in a timely fashion that responded to the competitor’s launch.

We had a lot of fun flexing our storytelling muscles, creating a piece of content that uses humour and metaphor to tell our client’s brand story and deliver a counterpunch in a playful and engaging way.


Production Design
Colour Grade


Producer – Chloe Gardner
Writer/Director – Stephen de Villiers
Cinematographer – Miles Rowland
Production Design – Emma Wicks
VFX + Colourist – Sam Matthews
Editor Wilson Tran