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Netflix // Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance

Gymnastics Academy was a monumental part of our lives for over a year. Two of our team, Chloe Gardner and Maisie Fabry worked in the production office for the intense 12 week shoot, with Chloe serving as Unit Production Manager, while our creative director, Stephen de Villiers, served as an episode director on the show.

Our team then came on board during post-production as we serviced the VFX and collaborated on the HDR colour grade. In total we delivered over 200 bespoke VFX shots for the 10 episode series.

Our very own Wilson Tran graded one of the episodes, while Alice Yang did an incredible job as part of the VFX team.

This show was an incredible milestone for us and for South Australia, as it was the first Netflix commission for South Australia.


Production Manager
Production Secretary
Directing (Ep 04)
HDR Colour Grade


Show Runner – Clay Glenn
Director – Stephen de Villiers
Unit Production Manager – Chloe Gardner
Production Secretary – Maisie Fabry
Colourist – Wilson Tran