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Port Adelaide Football Club // Stills Photography

Are you a footy fan?

The Port Adelaide Football Club was founded in 1870 and is one of the oldest and most successful clubs in the Australian Football League. We were charged with the responsibility of photographing the Port players Guernsey’s from 1997 through to 2022 including the momentous year of 2004 when they won the Grand Final! The Guernsey’s will be printed in hard back books for fans to purchase as mementos. This idea was a passion project of two dedicated fans. The idea being it was by the fans for the fans.  

As you can imagine this took a mammoth effort to organise all the Guernsey’s into the right years. Stephen de Villiers decided to get back behind the camera and took three pictures of each Guernsey (front, back, label). To give the Guernsey the correct shape we put it on a mannequin that we wrapped in bright green tape to help us with a sort of green screen for when we got to editing and cutting the images out later.

Then once all 200+ stills were taken we shifted to the edit suite where we started cutting and combining all the images finessing the labels to look like the photo of the neckline was taken at the same time with the correct shape to still look like it was being worn.

Once the editing of the photos was complete we shipped them off to be turned into the awesome book for fans which will be released mid 2023!

See some of the stills below.


Stills Photography
Photo editing and enhancements
Colour grade

Our Team

Director – Stephen de Villiers
Producer – Chloe Gardner
Producer – Maisie Fabry
Photographer – Stephen de Villiers
Photo edit/Colour Grade – Wilson Tran
Post Production FX/Editor – Alice Yang