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SAPOL // Long After the High is Gone – Pot (TVC)

This was a job that was as rewarding as it was challenging. Our client, Adelaide Agency The Rowdy Group, wanted to create a series of TVC’s that integrated 3D smoke elements which would behave and interact with the talent with a sense of autonomy and sentience. We serviced the post production servicing the edit and colour grade directly while post-supervising and post-producing the VFX which was an international effort. To make the agressive timeline/deadline, we had to co-ordinate and supervise a range of 3D artists and companies from across Australia and Asia. It was a monumental effort and an incredible way to finish off 2019.


VFX Supervision
Colour Grade


Agency – The Rowdy Group
Director – Hugh Sullivan
Cinematographer – Miles Rowland
Editor – Sam Matthews
Colourist – Sam Matthews
VFX/Post-Supervisor – Sam Matthews