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The Burnt Half // Documentary

The Burnt Half is a moving and inspiring feature documentary about the people of Kangaroo Island in the wake of the devastating Dec/Jan 2020 bushfires. Using an unobtrusive observational style, the film examines the lives of several Kangaroo Island residents who have been directly and indirectly affected by the fires. Through their stories and the film’s visuals, we gain a sense of the destruction they endured, the anger some of them feel, the emotional toll that it’s taken, and the challenges they now face.

The film is an emotional rollercoaster, filled with moments of awe, shock, suspense and devastation. It is presented as a lyrical, intimate, cinematic journey that leaves us feeling a sense of shared loss, but a stronger sense of inspiration. Through the film we witness the support of the broader community and the deep resilience of the locals. The film captures a piece of South Australian history as it unfolds and reminds us of our tenuous yet relationship with our planet.

Filmed over five incredible days in Jan 2020, with a number of follow up visits to the island.

To discuss this project please contact Chloe Gardner


Producer – Stephen de Villiers
Director – Stephen de Villiers
Co-Producers – Chloe Gardner / Ben Dowie
Cinematographer – Ben Dowie
B Camera – Nicky Thanou
Editor – Wilson Tran
Sound Design – Fazz Farrell

The Burnt Half is an Arterial Films production


Adelaide Film Festival

Saturday 21st October 2023
Mercury Cinema

Premiere Screening

Melbourne Documentary Film Festival

Saturday 29th July 2023
Cinema Nova (Melbourne)