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WITA // Steph // TVC

We partnered with our excellent clients and indeed friends at WITA (Women In Trucking Australia) to produce three road safety commercials.

The campaign was designed around the idea that as truck drivers, the women at WITA see things every day that they wish they could forget – accidents, near-misses, reckless driving.

These ads, featuring real truck drivers, were designed to remind drivers that in multivehicle accidents, involving trucks, 80% of the time, the victims are the occupants of the smaller vehicles, and asks viewers a powerful question at the end.

We pulled together a wonderful crew and filmed these ambitious commercials over three long but exhillerating days.


Creative Directing
Full Production Services
Production Design
Offline Edit
Online Edit
Colour Grade
Sound Edit and Broadcast Mix


Director/Creative Director – Stephen de Villiers
Producer – Chloe Gardner
Cinematographer – Miles Rowland
Editor/Colourist – Wilson Tran
Post-Sound – Fazz Farrell