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Super Sounds Screens on Omeleto


17k views in 24 hours

Super Sounds Screening on Omeleto on YouTube.
Super Sounds screens with the worlds best short films on Omeleto

Six years ago we made a film. We were overdue and it was time. Time to put creativity first. To leap and lean into fear and gather a tribe and create something that was yet to exist. It was a sweet and simple story about the power of friendship and trials and joys of growing up while feeling different. As with most things, we didn’t really know how it would turn out or if anyone would like it. Luckily, people did!

The film was Super Sounds. A timeless tale that we hoped would make people smile. We shot it down on the Fleurieu Peninsula, with our own Chloe Gardner producing and Stephen de Villiers writing and directing. We were honoured to have Aaron Gully behind the camera and Sam Matthews editing and grading the film. Indeed, that was the first real collaboration between Stephen and Sam, and perhaps the birth of the friendship and partnership that would grow into Beyond Content.

The film screened at over 50 prestigious festivals winning a few awards along the way. Then, as all too often happens, it was silent for a while. Shelved, quietened and part of a story we told of a different time. Then, Omeleto, the home of the worlds best short films, asked us if they could screen our film on their prestigious YouTube channel. Naturally, we were thrilled!

On Tuesday this week, Super Sounds was published on Omeleto and we were overjoyed to see that it attracted over 17k views in its first 24 hours!

Our hearts were brightened even more when we read some of the comments from total strangers scattered across the globe. Seeing how our modest, self-funded labour of love moved hearts and broadened minds was a delight. The YouTube comments were validating and encouraging to say the least. A rare reminder of why we embark on creative careers and how moving an audience is the greatest reward one can hope for.

Thanks once more to all the brilliant creatives who helped make this film. Equal thanks to Omeleto for seeing something we hoped was there and asking to screen it.

Click here to watch the film (and we hope it makes you smile) 😊