Our core team comprises more than 20 years’ experience and boasts a range of skills and expertise across a suite of filmmaking specialities including drama, documentary, animation and high-end colour grading. In addition, we work with some of South Australia’s top creatives to produce long-form, commercial and online film and video content in Australia and beyond.

Minelab – Victory is Mine // Brand Film
25zero // Feature Documentary
Minelab – Detector In The Stone // Brand Film
Minelab – Treasure Rising // Brand Film
The Story of Australian Wagyu // Brand Film
World Nomads – A Masai Story // Documentary
Govt of South Australia (DPTI) // Brand Film
SAPOL // Long After the High is gone – Meth (TVC)
SAPOL // Long After the High is Gone – Pot (TVC)
TAFESA // Learn It Work It (TVC)